Caren Wick :Massage Therapist & Competitive Ultramarathon Runner

Imagine keeping a runner’s body in functioning order despite endless hundred mile training weeks. Imagine running a hundred mile ultra distance race two weeks after a head on car collision. Imagine the healing of a complicated tendonopathy so severe that multiple respected medical professionals failed to diagnose it. Imagine miracles.

Imagine Dr. Justin Lau at Elite Spinal and Sport’s Care. He makes miracles happen. Dr. Lau’s incredible knowledge of the human body and biomechanics, his years of experience and education in multiple modalities and healing disciplines, his ability to problem solve and think outside of the box, along with his dedication to his patients makes miracles happen.

I am one of Dr. Lau’s miracles. He’s kept my runner’s body functioning despite countless hundred plus mile training weeks. He’s pieced me back together following a head on car collision and had me running a highly competitive ultra distance race just weeks post collision. More impressively, Dr. Lau has nursed me through a two year battle with tendonopathy, central sensitization of the nervous system, and misdiagnosis from respected medical professionals. Dr. Lau’s willingness to stand by me as a patient after so many other doctors had given up provided me with a sense of hope and ultimately led to my healing. For nearly two years I couldn’t walk without crutches, sit without pain, look forward to my future. Dr. Lau’s willingness to research new techniques, think beyond conventional treatments, and determination to heal his patient has me, now, not only walking without crutches and sitting without pain, but he has me running in my mountains again.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Dr. Justin Lau as a gifted, compassionate, knowledgeable, and maybe even magical healer.

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