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Our team of Sports Massage / Manual Therapists work closely with our doctors to provide the best possible care for our patients.  The type of sports massage / therapeutic bodywork our therapists provide help to keep your body working at its best as well as being a perfect adjunct to the treatment our patients receive at our office.

Brandon Meline


Brandon Meline is a Sacramento native that has always had a fascination with the human body. Its inner workings from nutrition, structure and function, to kinetic movements itself has always intrigued him. He has been an active participant in sports and martial arts from a child well into young adulthood.

Having spent many years participating in contact sports like muay thai, boxing, dabbling in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and minor amateur mixed martial arts competitions, he has experienced his fair share of injuries. Acute to chronic pains from minor, major, and even debilitating injuries, along with daily workout stiffness have made him sympathetic and understanding towards others and theirs.

Eventually, being sidelined by sports related injuries, he was no longer able to continue to participate in the sports and activities he loved. A solid night sleep and simple activities that he once took for granted soon became a thing of the past.

Tired of being prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers to mask his pain symptoms, he sought help in the form of deep tissue sports massage. Here he found the best results for actually taking care of his ailments, not just masking symptoms with meds.

In 2010 he graduated from Bryan College School of Massage (Gold River), 500+ hour program as a massage therapist. Continuing to study the dynamics of muscular structure and function, he earned his Active Release Techniques Certification in 2015.

In 2013 he was eventually able to link up with Elite Spinal and Sports Care. He was able stay active in the athletic community by providing bodywork and maintenance to others to help them with their function and mobility. He found a new passion in helping others continue to do and stay active in the things that they love.

Diana Aguilar


Diana found her way to massage therapy through sports injuries of her own. Her sports career of soccer, softball, and equestrian riding was limited after a knee and hip injury. Knowing what it is like to have to stop doing what she loves, she can sympathize with anyone that has felt limited in their competitive sport or recreational activities. After being told to stop riding and playing sports she looked for alternatives, finding ways to heal her own body through massage and exercise. Going to college to pursue education in Kinesiology she found strength training and sport massage not only helped her personally with her own injuries, but fostered an understanding of similar injuries and how to work with them. While Covid was slowing down her kinesiology pursuits, she went into getting her Certified Massage Therapy license (2021). After working in Massage Therapy for a few months, her passion grew for understanding anatomy and how a person can heal and grow to their full potential. As an ambitious therapist and with the intention to help her clients injuries, she went into a 450 hour continuing education program for her Neuromuscular Therapy Certification (2022). Working in the Sports Therapy field has helped her own body and she intends to help others recover from injuries, allowing them to do the things they love without pain.

Now Diana strength trains to be able to stay active with her young husky, Zula. Even on days when she is tired she believes in keeping the body moving. A strong motivation being a hyperactive dog that enjoys daily walks and weekend hikes!

Diana specializes in pain relief from sore muscles, increasing flexibility, relaxation, deep tissue, increased circulation, sports recovery and injury prevention. Providing personalized care she is passionate about healing and strengthening the body one step at a time.

Quentin Wright


Quentin has been competing in sports for over 10 years now, where he spent plenty of time in the sports medicine office getting treated for injuries that he sustained. After playing sports for some time after high school and while continuing to compete in combat sports, he studies kinesiology at Sierra College. In 2016 after receiving his third surgery from sports related injuries he was told by his Physical Therapist to have a Certified Massage Therapist work on him. After having a less than ideal experience first experience with massage, he decided to go to National Holistic Institute and attend their 800 hour massage therapy program. His intention for going into the program was to find a way to alleviate his own pain from the injuries that he sustained in his sport and to provide a level of massage therapy care that he had wished he received when looking for help. This began his journey into Sports Massage Therapy and helping others find relief from old sport injuries that still cause pain. He now knows and appreciates how important sports are to individuals and how having a functional, pain-free body is important to taking your competition to the next level and becoming a “Bad Mamma-Jama”! He is passionate about Sports Massage and wants to “share what I love with people who are as passionate as I am about competing / training”

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