Nicole B.: Paramedic and Equestrian

I used to live in severe chronic back pain from an old horseback riding injury. I saw several doctors and other chiropractors for it over the span of 6 years and nothing ever truly brought me relief. I also used to suffer from chronic migraines, to the point I was missing months and months of school. A friend recommended Dr.Chu a few years ago to me and he has been incredible. He did more for my pain than anyone else ever has and I am beyond grateful. My migraines have also significantly decreased. My favorite thing about this business on top of that is I've never felt like they were trying to get money out of me. Other chiropractors I've seen wanted to set me up on a 5 day a week plan for 6 months. Dr. Chu said if he couldn't give me relief within 3 visits there's a bigger problem, and that after 3 visits I should only need to see him occasionally or when I have pain. I love this place and the staff and Dr.Chu is so amazing.

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Sacramento, CA 95825
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