Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques Sacramento

Elite Spinal & Sports Care has been providing Active Release Techniques (ART) to the Sacramento area since 2004. What makes ART unique is that it utilizes principles of friction and tension to “tear” adhesions formed within/between damaged muscles, fascia, tendons, nerve tracts and ligaments of the human body. Our ART certified doctors / therapists utilize a series of hands-on techniques while the affected muscles are in motion. We are able to assess the damaged tissue and subsequently release the adhesions, separating bound tissue and restore function. ART is specifically designed to evaluate and treat damaged soft tissue and can address / resolve many injuries previously considered untreatable; sometimes in just a few visits. Properly employed, its success rate is over 90%, even with such chronic problems as carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff tendonitis.

When soft tissue is injured, it literally forms fibrotic adhesions which in return impede movement, and often, even entrap nerves, all of which ART addresses.

Active Release Sacramento

Adhesions can be formed through 2 types of trauma (acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma) and if not addressed, will force tissue to be under constant pressure/tension. When adhesions form, they can form anywhere in your muscles, tendons or ligaments. When adhesions are present, they increase tension within the soft tissues and can negatively impact the strength and flexibility of that tissue. This leads to increased friction, pressure and tension between that tissue and the structures adjacent to it. Acute Injury and Repetitive Injury lead to more inflammation and bleeding, which then leads to even more adhesion buildup. Constant Pressure/Tension leads to decreased circulation and edema. Decreased circulation leads to hypoxia (inadequate oxygen to that area) which again leads to adhesions being formed. The longer this cycle persists, the worse it can become as the body will be forced to compensate further possibly leading to new injuries.